Does spirit energy affect molecular binding force?

William C. Treurniet, November, 2014

Summary. A chain of inference suggested that a reduced molecular binding force (MBF), said to to be caused by proximity to extraterrestrial craft, should also be found in the presence of spirit energy in physical mediumship séances. A small reduction was measured by an MBF meter placed in a séance room. Although the meter deviated only a small amount, it was significant given the observed stability of the meter over the prior 1-2 years since it was constructed. Further, incidental measurements made with the meter indicated that the MBF actually increased significantly after approaching or leaving the vicinity of the airport at Sydney, Austrialia.

A previous article discussed evidence for the existence of a technology that can reduce forces binding materials together at the atomic or molecular level. In the 1950s, Wilbert B. Smith asked the extraterrestrial (ET) beings with whom he had contact, what caused military aircraft to disintegrate when too near an ET craft. He was informed that the craft generated a field that reduced the molecular binding force (MBF) of matter (discussed here). The stressed metal in jet aircraft tended to fall apart when exposed to this field.

New information received since 2010 from extraterrestrial Zeta beings describes a cosmology in which all material objects have a counterpart in a fourth dimension called the etheric domain. Etheric forms associated with material objects can be created or destroyed by the intent of a conscious being. The Zetas say that their craft are biological organisms that use the creative process to move spatially in the etheric realm (see here). When this etheric body is moved, the material body follows. It would appear to us as teleportation. Such movement of matter appears to occur also under séance room conditions when a physical object flies around the room or an object created by spirit beings moves to touch the sitters.

These considerations suggest that the motion of both craft and séance room objects appear to depend on activity in the etheric dimension. It follows, therefore, that if the MBF is reduced near ET craft, it may also be reduced in the presence of spirit energy. If so, a MBF meter should measure a change in molecular binding force when spirit energy is produced in the séance room environment.

An opportunity came to test this hypothesis at the Spirit Festival 7 charity event held at the Wallacia Development Centre near Sydney, Australia in November, 2014. In the physical mediumship séances conducted there, spirit energy was expected to be generated to produce paranormal effects. A MBF meter placed in the room near the medium may detect the presence of this spirit energy.

An earlier attempt to evaluate an MBF meter is discussed here using Mark I and Mark II versions of the meter. According to the specifications obtained from the extraterrestrials, "the binding meter consists of a nylon fiber which is stressed close to its elastic limit (after having been over-stressed to establish stability) pulling against a steel spring which is stressed well below its elastic limit." Smith found that "a range of temperature of 100 degrees Farenheit makes less than 1/2 division on an arbitrary scale of 12. There is no perceptible change over the complete range of humidity and no barametric sensitivity was observed. Dimensions apparently are not critical, and successful instruments have been made with quite a variety of parameters".

A Mark III meter was constructed more recently in an attempt to improve the design. As shown in Figure 1, a nylon fibre is pitted against the metal spring of a fisherman's scale, so a change in binding force in the nylon fibre relative to the spring is detected as a change on the weight scale. This particular scale has a slider (Figure 2 top) that is pushed to the highest position and remains there (Figure 2 bottom) when the tension is removed from the spring. For its intended use, this allows the weight of a fish to be read after it is removed from the scale. Thus the scale retains a memory of the most recent maximum reading. However, we expect the tension on the nylon fibre to decrease as MBF decreases, and visual monitoring is the only way to find the minimum reading.

Figure 1. The Mark III MBF meter. 

Figure 2. The Mark III MBF meter closeup. 

Although several physical mediumship séances were held during the event at Wallacia, the experiment was performed in one séance only, mostly because of a lack of coordination. The medium was Gary Mannion who is able to mediate impressive effects. With the permission of the circle leader, the Mark III MBF meter was placed on the floor in a corner of room closest to the medium's chair. Many expected paranormal phenomena occurred during the séance, indicating the presence of spirit energy.

The meter was examined about 5-10 minutes after the medium's trance state ended. At the start of the séance, the scale read 6.75 lbs. About 10 minutes after the end of the séance, the scale read approximately 6.5 lbs. The change of -0.25 lbs. is small but in the expected direction. This is not likely attributable to altered environmental variables such as temperature, since these were not significantly different in the séance room. Several hours after the initial reading, the scale pointer had returned to the original position of 6.75 lbs. It is possible that the scale was already returning to its base position when the first reading was taken, and that its deviation was even greater during the séance. It should be noted that the scale reading has never varied noticeably over the two-year period since it was constructed.

Incidental MBF meter readings

In travels to and around Australia, the MBF meter was always transported in a suitcase carried in an aircraft's luggage compartment. This avoided the possibilty of airport security personnel not allowing the device to be carried in the passenger compartment. The meter was read only before departures and after arrivals. The reading at departure was always 6.75 lbs. Table 1 shows departure and destination locations, and the maximum increase of the reading upon reaching each destination.

Table 1. Effect of aircraft transport on maximum MBF deviation

Departure Arrival MBF reading increase
Canada Sydney 1.75 lb
Sydney Sunshine Coast 0.55 lb
Sunshine Coast Sydney 1.75 lb
Sydney Canada 2.0 lb

Clearly, being aloft in an airplane's luggage compartment caused the scale reading to increase as shown by the maximum scale reading. This indicates that the nylon fibre had tightened at some point during the flight; that is, the nylon's binding force had increased. A relatively extreme temperature change in the aircraft luggage compartment might be a possible cause. However, cargo holds in aircraft are normally kept at 7°C or higher. In any event, a lack of sensitivity to cold was observed when the Mark III meter was placed for three hours in a freezer at about -20°C. No change in the position of the meter occurred even though the temperature had dropped about 44°C. Smith also reported that a 100 degree temperature change had only a small effect on his meter, and it was insensitive to changes in baromatric pressure as well.

There is a possible alternative to such conventional hypotheses. Table 1 shows that Sydney airport was always part of the travel itinerary on each trip. It was either the point of departure or the destination. So the airport or a wider region of space high over New South Wales, Australia, may have a field property that increased the binding force of the nylon.

Table 1 shows some variation in the maximum deviation, and some of this may be due to differences in post-flight times when measurements were taken. In some cases, the meter may already have begun to reset to its base position. It is unfortunate that the meter could not be reset in Vancouver on the return flight to Canada where a flight change occurred, but there was insufficient time before the next flight. The flight from Vancouver onward would have provided a very useful control datum.

On a positive note, this experiment was the first time since Smith's experiments that a change in binding force has been observed. Further, it also indicated a possible connection between ET craft field effects and "spirit energy" in physical mediumship séances. Further research with more sensitive measuring devices seems warranted.

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